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How We Can Help You

Power PEO Consulting provides a unique personalized PEO evaluation experience at no cost to your company. With 20+ years of PEO experience, we thrive at helping our clients select the best PEO partner. We look forward to working with you!


500+ PEOs nationwide with unique partnership advantages, cost structures, service models, and underwriting requirements. We simplify the PEO search & comparison, empowering you to select the best PEO partner for your business.


Administration fees, insurance premiums, rebates, tax implications and other complexities of the PEO cost structure make comparisons difficult. With our expertise, you can focus on your priorities and access a simple, easy to use evaluation framework to make highly informed decisions.


Lean on our decades of experience and objective insights to give you the confidence of selecting the right PEO partner. We function in a concierge capacity throughout implementation and the lifetime of your PEO relationship to ensure you are optimizing your PEO services.

Why Partner With a PEO?

Power PEO Consulting, LLC

Using a PEO Already?

Circumstances change. We can seek out a more suitable PEO partner for your organization.


Power PEO Consulting, LLC

Workers’ Compensation

Reduce workers’ compensation premiums with a PEO.


Power PEO Consulting, LLC

Health Benefits

A PEO has significant buying power. Reduce and stabilize health premiums over the long term by utilizing a PEO’s nationwide health insurance plan.

Power PEO Consulting, LLC

Human Resources

PEOs provide a fractional HR + labor law compliance solution. Create an HR foundation or pair a PEO with an existing HR infrastructure.


Power PEO Consulting, LLC

Single Source Solution

A PEO is the definition of efficiency. Experience complete integration with technology, insurance and HR & safety guidance.

Power PEO Consulting, LLC

COVID PEO Strategy

As COVID reshapes the business landscape, find out how a strategic PEO partnership can help your business adapt to a new business normal.


Power PEO Consulting, LLC

Increase Profitability by Partnering with a PEO

Partnering with a PEO will help optimize the workforce, increase revenue, and reduce employee-related liabilities - PEO clients have more time to focus on what they do best.

PEO Users Compared to Non-PEO Users (NAPEO White Papers)

  • 98% of business owners using a PEO would recommend a PEO
  • 27.2% ROI when using a PEO
  • PEO users: 50% less likely to go out of business
  • Employee Turnover: 10-14% less turnover with a PEO